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Tesla Drivers Claim Model S Distance Record Of 670 Miles On One Charge

Elon Musk congratulates Italian owners club, which claims new distance record while consuming equivalent of only eight litres of petrol

Five members of the Italian Tesla owners club claim to have set a new distance record, travelling 670 miles on a single charge in a Tesla Model S.

The feat, which they say beats the previous record set in Belgium in June by 110 miles, used a longest-range Tesla Model S 100D and required the five drivers to employ so-called “hypermiling” techniques, which saw them use as little energy as possible by maintaining a constant speed, using low rolling-resistance tyres and trying not to use the brakes.

The team said they drove without air conditioning at an average speed of just 25mph (40kmph), reaching 670 miles before coming to a stop with 0% charge on the meter.

Luca Del Bo, president of the club, said: “To complete the 1,078km record distance, we used 98.4 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to eight litres of gas.

“This has been possible thanks to the very high output of the electric engine that transforms 95% of the energy into motion. Just consider that the most efficient combustion engines today do not exceed 30% efficiency.”

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Tesla Drivers Claim Model S Distance Record Of 670 Miles On One Charge

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