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Welcome to Traffic Galaxy

No one likes being stuck in traffic. At Traffic Galaxy we’ll help you to avoid traffic, which will save you fuel and help everyone drive down congestion. Traffic Galaxy’s aim is to make your journey a better experience – irrespective of where or what you’re traveling to. By avoiding busy roads or timing your journey better, not only can you save on fuel but also improve the environment by reducing congestion on our roads.

However that’s not the only reason behind this site. Sadly the number of traffic-related incidents are on the rise and as a result a solution is required to make travel more effective, without necessarily having to give up on a car or traveling altogether.

As a result, by using Traffic Galaxy you can actually decide on the best journey to make at any given time, even opting not to make a journey when congestion is very high, thereby limiting the chance of any serious accidents.

Although it is possible to receive travel updates from various sources, normally these are only updated upon someone notifying that an incident has occurred; with Traffic Galaxy you can normally make decisions in real-time.